October 04, 2022

The Drake Objective

 Hi all, if you read my post game analysis on “High Frontier : The Goodman Protocol” then you may remember the first version of that game was written on a cruise holiday back in November 2018 (the file ‘TGP Retrospective’ is still in the files area on this page). Since the end of that LARP, for reasons I’m not going to go into, I said I wasn’t prepared to write/run the sequel (despite the fact I had around a page of notes on my iPad) and thats been my stance for the last 6 months. Some of you weren’t keen on letting it lay there and have been poking and prodding since then, so I agreed to take one last look at my notes on my most recent cruise holiday.

To that end, I’ve now got a game concept that I am happy to run. ‘The Drake Objective’ will be a sequel to ’The Goodman Protocol’ (although you don’t need to have played that game to play this one). Returning and new characters will be welcome. Currently I don’t know where or when this LARP will happen (but if it happens in 2023 then it won’t be at the Grange). My next step is to form a GM Team, work on a budget and then work on a site/date. I’ll post here when I have something more but the sequel is coming. I’ve also written a couple of encounters for a third part I’m tentatively calling “The Weyland Factor” but I have decided these two games will be my last ones in this universe as I also have something else I’m working on. As ever, any questions then let me know.