Etiquette & Behaviour

Player Etiquette

We are keen to embrace the Nordic LARP principle of “play to lift”, what this means that every character “builds up” and supports those character around them.  If everyone does this then it benefits the whole game.  We would also like you to consider these rules when playing as a character: -

  • Secrets are no fun if kept secret.
  • Plot is for sharing, not for hoarding.

Out of Character Issues

If you have any concerns or are unhappy about other player(s), their actions or anything else that arises during the game then please speak to a GM. Issues relating to safety (both physical and mental, including harassment and bullying) can also be raised with the UKLTA Safety Officer. GMs will be identified during the start of game briefing. Please don’t keep problems bottled up until after the event; we can’t fix things we aren’t made aware of.  If you wish to speak to the UKLTA Safety Officer about any safety aspect of the game (mental or physical), then they can be contacted independently at

Do you have a Social Charter covering this game?

Yes, we do, and it can be found in the High Frontier guidebook. All players will be expected to abide by it and failure to do so may lead to being asked to leave. We expect this game to be a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Private Palmer

If you are asked to do some duty that Out of Character might seem pointless but makes sense In Character, then you can ask a GM to get “Private Palmer” to do it.  They are your invisible backup; you can use them for mundane tasks such as “guard that object” but not complex actions such as “sneak into the Alien nest and steal something”.  Make sure you tell a GM that is something you want to do.

After the game

When the LARP is over we would also like you to observe another Nordic LARP tradition, namely the “Week of Stories”, this means for the week immediately after the LARP we would ask you not to post any critical observations or complaints about any aspect of the game, only positive messages such as what you enjoyed and what you liked.  Once the week is over then the GMs would like to hear such comment and we will be sending out a feedback request as one of our last actions.