The Drake Objective: Extraction


On a distant world, a secret outpost is working with recently acquired extra-terrestrial technology.

Amongst the team, what they are working on has become known loosely known as: The Drake Objective.  On the eve of a potential breakthrough, the scientific team leader has gone missing and the infamous terrorist organisation, Galactic Dawn, has landed close by.  The lightly armed science team have retreated to the safety of their security zone and requested extraction.


  • Extract civilian assets and all their data and materials
  • Minimise enemy interaction where possible
  • Transport all recovered assets to space station CABRILLO
  • This mission has been classified DELTA-ZERO

But, what are the scientists working on that requires such secrecy?

This game ran 27th May 2023 at the UKLTA anthology event: Dropzone.

6 Months after the events of the Goodman Protocol, resurgent eco-terrorist group, Galactic Dawn, mounted a raid on the covert research base where the science team were still analysing and researching both the tablet and the items the “Engineer” left behind.  A team of Colonial Marines had already been dispatched as intelligence had been received about the attack, but they arrived just as the lab was breached.  All the scientists and their evidence were successfully extracted, and they are now on their way to Cabrillo Station for debriefing.