Participant Information

Whilst we’ve tried to answer what we feel are the most common questions in this document, if you have any other questions/queries not covered then please email us at

What is “The Drake Objective”?

The Drake Objective (which will be referred to as TDO from now on) is a weekend long LARP set in the High Frontier universe, which broadly draws from the worlds of the “Alien”, “Predator” and other film franchises.  We have written up a shared background incorporating these movies and TV series that share common themes and imagery to add more depth and variety.  This is the third game in this series, but you don’t need to have played the first two, there is a “Previously on High Frontier” later in this document.  More details on the setting can be found in the High Frontier Player Guide.  


A secret mission.  

A desperate escape.  

An unknown destination.  

The search for peaceful communication with an extra-terrestrial intelligence continues and has never been more dangerous.  This search can ask a high price for any who seek it and has become known as: The Drake Objective


July 19-/21, 2024


This game is being held at The Grange in Coventry.  The site address is as follows: -

Frogmore Grange

Frog Lane

Balsall Common

West Midlands




Player cost of this game will be £80, this can either be paid in full or a £40 deposit can be paid to secure your place now with the balance payable on or before May 27th 9th, 2024.  This is also the same date as Dropzone, the national event of the Laser-Tag LARP hobby, more information on this event can be found here: 

 Crew cost will be £10.  Player numbers will be capped at 20 and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Crew numbers will also be capped, depending on the number of players.

How do I book?

There is a dedicated booking page at

Is there on-site catering?

Where the game is being run, there is a catered option provided by the site themselves and costs an additional amount and needs to be booked with them.  We will publish a link to this in due course.

Can I cook my own food?

There is no on-site kitchen for player/crew use but the use of your own camping stoves in the camping area is permitted.

Are there bunks on site?

No, this is a camping event so you will need to bring your tent or find alternative accommodation off site.  The nearest hotel is roughly 1 mile away which is a short drive along roads that mostly have foot paths.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are covered by the LARP insurance policy as governed administrated by the LRP Alliance, our certificate (showing the named game organisers) is available on request, one of these is on the GM team for this LARP.


There is no longer a requirement to have undertaken a negative Covid test prior to this game but we would urge that all attendees conduct their own prior to leaving for the game.  In the case of a positive test and you are unable to attend, we would look to issue a refund where we are able to.


If you find yourself unable to attend the event for whatever reason, the event will attempt to refund all the sums paid but this may not be possible based on the time of cancellation and is solely at the GMs discretion.  You can resell your game ticket to another individual but please inform the GMs if you do this so we can keep an accurate record going into the LARP.


All game queries should be sent to, this will be the only channel monitored for such queries.

Game communication relevant to all players or all players within a group (such as the military group) will be handled primarily by email using distribution groups hosted by This operates via email and a web app. You will be invited to a group upon making a successful application to join the LARP.  There will also be a secondary Facebook presence for the game, but all information published there will also be published on the email group.

GDPR/Data Collection

For the purposes of this game, we will record and retain the following information from the time you first register to roughly two weeks after the conclusion of the game: -
  • Name
  • Preferred Email Address
  • Preferred Mobile Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Emergency Medical Details

This information will be destroyed two weeks after the conclusion of the event once the final mailout has been sent electronically.  In line with the above policy, all content will be deleted two weeks after the conclusion of the LARP. and Facebook have their own terms and conditions, your use of those services for this game is subject to those T&Cs.

What is the UKLTA?

This is the umbrella organisation for the Laser-Tag LARP hobby in the UK and provides aranges the LRP Alliance insurance cover for this and other games.  You can buy temporary membership for £5 which will cover you for the event or £10 covers you for the current membership year (this runs June to June).