The Goodman Protocol


A “Goodman Protocol” incident has been initiated from the planet Tarka 304. The planet was discovered in 2169 and after a positive survey, Planetary Construction Incorporated (PCI) were engaged to build the initial wave of habitats for prospective colonists.


8 days ago, the code indicating a “Goodman Protocol” discovery was received by the Colonial Network and the appropriate process initiated. A scientific Contact Team has been assembled from available personnel and an ad-hoc Marine contingent will act as operational security. The cruiser, USCSS Costaguanero, has been assigned to this endeavour. As per standard operating procedure, communication from Tarka 304 has been restricted until the Contact Team can assess the discovery.

Primary contact on-planet is planetary foreman, Alex Durand: he will be located at the site office in ‘Otter Town’ (unofficial name for 'Haven' used by the construction workers).


Assess the discovery and classify it as per standard Goodman Protocol terminology.


PCI workers are paid on a time/bonus basis and the lack of work may cause a negative level of feeling among the general workforce.

This game ran 25-27th March 2022

A construction crew on a distant planet found potential evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence. The Goodman Protocol was activated which sent a team of scientists and marines to investigate and secure the find. Whilst the evidence was found to have been planted, it was a genuine artifact sent from Earth as part of a scam to make money. The science team were able to translate the tablet and seemingly send a message to the race beings behind alluded to by the tablet. These beings are the almost mythological “Engineers” (as seen more in the film ‘Prometheus’). An initial contact was had with seemingly the promise of more. A previously unknown human force attempted to take these artifacts but were repulsed.