June 28, 2020

COVID Update

Hi all, I’m hoping this finds you all well wherever you may be. It’s now just over 3 months since we took the hard decision to postpone the game just as Covid-19 was hitting. I would imagine all of us here have had some LARP plans affected by it. As it stands currently the lockdown that was imposed just after the game would have run is slowly being eased.

Some of you might have seen that the Grange (where we were intending to run the LARP) have announced that they are re-opening, whilst this is true they are still in an early phase. Initially, attendee numbers will be severely restricted and they’re not doing food so we’re still unable to reschedule the LARP at the moment. I’m not aware of the current status of the hotels in the locality as I know a decent part of the attendees were staying off site.

Currently we are unable to confirm new dates for The Goodman Protocol but we are continuing to monitor the situation and will be continuing to liaise with the Grange. With other LARP events scheduled for October/November being cancelled/postponed I doubt we will be in a position to run until the Spring of 2021 (roughly 12 months after we initially planned) but the situation remains extremely fluid as I’m sure you can appreciate. We will have a new Risk Assessment for the event once we have a confirmed date and that will form our response to make the event as Covid secure as we can.

As ever, if you have any questions or queries then please feel free to talk to one of the GM’s.

We still have every intention that The Goodman Protocol WILL run.


James, Andy and Nick