What themes do you explore?

This LARP is an action-adventure in a futuristic setting.  There is a Mil-Sim element to parts of the game coupled with problem solving and role-play interaction.  You (as in the player team) will have been given a mission as part of your general overview but how you go about completing that mission is entirely up to you.  In addition to this, each player will also have been given personal plots relating to their character, based on their history as submitted.  

This LARP is primarily PvE (Player vs Environment) as opposed to PvP (Player vs Player), not to say there won’t be some inter-group strife to resolve but the game is written to be primarily collaborative in nature.  How this plays out is down to the players.  The player group will consist of both a military and civilian scientific contingent even though this is predominantly a scientific mission of potential discovery.  There may also be some mild sci-fi horror and potentially some jump scares (in keeping with the universe in which the films are based on).

So, is it all action? 

No, I’ve already alluded to the element of problem solving and some real-world skills might be useful in completing some skills tests.  These are there to test you as a character but not you as a player.  If you as a player really can’t accomplish or resolve any skill or task for whatever reason, then speak to a GM and they will give you a work around and ensure you can carry on focusing on the game.  

There will be a “military” group and a “civilian” group with the roleplay opportunities and combat divided between them.  High Frontier games don’t always follow this structure, but we are for TDO.  We will ensure that both groups will have opportunities for engaging play.