How does Combat work?

Combat is predominantly handled using 100% safe Laser-Tag Technology, every player wears a sensor on their head or helmet.  This makes a noise and lights up when you are shot, you have a certain number of hits and when they have expired your sensor sounds a warning to tell you.  The LEDs will also all light up.  Your character is rendered unconscious, and you should now fall to the ground (as soon as practical and safe to do) and await medical attention.

Do you use LARP-safe weapons?

Not really, you might see knives on some players but that is normally just part of the costume and shouldn’t be used.  On this game the “Tooth & Claw” rules will be in play, this means that if you encounter an obvious monster of some kind and they get close enough to touch you then you should act as if your sensor has lost all its hits.  There may be other similar calls used in game but what and how they work will be handled in the safety briefing.

How does In-Character healing work?

Healing is also electronic; a medic will use a handheld device (referred to as a SIAB) that will resolve the level of injury and the location and then “zap” your sensor with how long it will be before you can re-join the game.

What if I don’t own a Laser-Tag Gun and/or a sensor?

We do have spare kit that can be loaned out as necessary as every player needs to wear a sensor but depending on your role, you may not necessarily carry a gun.  If you don’t have them then hire of a sensor and a suitable weapon is included in your player/crew fee .  

How do the GMs work in game?

There will always be at least one GM (in a Hi-Viz or similar vest) that the players can call upon to make rulings if needed, we will always try and stay out of your way as much as possible and there will be GM radio channel that you can also use if you have a PMR radio.

Are Radios allowed?

Yes, players are usually free to use as they see fit, we will dedicate one channel as a GM/Crew channel that we will ask you not to monitor (for obvious reasons) but you may hop onto it if you need GM assistance, and you cannot immediately locate one around your immediate location.  Marine/military characters are encouraged to use Radios for co-ordination purposes.

Is it continuous Time-in?

No, we effectively split the game into “segments” such as “Friday Night”, “Saturday Morning”, etc.  We typically call Time-out for mealtimes and at the end of the last session of the day.  There is no specific time when we will call Time-outs, but we will be conscious of your activity at around the time and will do our utmost to ensure that we do not interrupt a key moment between your characters.  Please be conscious of the time if you go off-site between sessions as we may not be able to wait for you before resuming the game.

Is there an “Out of character” area?

The covered marquee that is used as an eating area will always be Out of Character (OOC) after Friday night and first thing Saturday morning and may be used for this purpose.